Liberty Computers is a family owned and operated company and we have and always will strive to give our customers honest service. This is something that is just breaking my heart, that someone is acting out and hurting others while using our phone number. Please do not let these people take advantage of you.


Serving the Chicago community since 1979, Liberty Computers provides outsourced IT support to Chicago area organizations, such as Small Business, Health Care, Education, Creative, Legal, Architecture, Financial, and Non-Profit as well as end-users and home based businesses. Our services includes Management of Networks, Computers and Servers, Response Center, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Hosting, as well as Development and Optimization.

Liberty Copmputer Centre staff provide IT consulting, network and computer support, and managed IT services in and around the Chicago area. While the value of having a stable and secure IT infrastructure is immeasurable, the cost and complexity of maintaining it can put a significant strain on critical staff and financial resources.





Liberty Computer Centre
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